Most of online dating websites claim all kinds of things

Most of online dating websites claim all kinds of things

Although, society has started to accept the use of Tinder to find a partner more and more

For example, eHarmony claims that their algorithm can find a uniquely compatible mate for every single and they state that their married couples are more compatible than other married couples. The problem with these kinds of claims is that they are not supported by credible evidence. There actually has been some criticism about their claims, for example in 2018 the advertising standards authority stated that an ad that eHarmony was using was misleading (Advertising Standard Authority, 2018). When the ASA ask for support for their claims made in the advertisement eHarmony was not able to give any evidence for their claims.

Tinder versus traditional dating websitesThe dating app Tinder is found to be the one of the most popular dating tools

eHarmony was a dating website who dared to do something different, this could have made the road easier for non-traditional dating tools like Tinder. Tinder, however, still has a reputation as a hookup-app. EHarmony is in a way also very controversial, it for example does not match people of the same sex. This is nowadays way more accepted and therefore new kinds of dating tools do match people on the same sex. And nowadays eHarmony does match people of the same sex through their sister company called CompatiblePartners.

Modern featuresSecondly, several more online services have taken up, mainly Tinder but also Bumble, Hinge and recently Facebook Dating. Each of these apps have to some extent scientific reasoning behind them, mostly incorporated in the user experience. The most significant difference from eHarmony is the use of GPS data to track potential partners nearby, known as location-based real-time dating. More new additions include the infamous swiping feature in Tinder, or answering a set of questions in your profile in Hinge, or even formalizing a sense of humour – endeavor incorporated by Lalifeor Huamor by allowing users to rate several funny videos in setting up their profile. Continue reading “Most of online dating websites claim all kinds of things”