Explore variables in a custom SQL inquire

Explore variables in a custom SQL inquire

You can make use of the following customized SQL ask to acquire an excellent confidence how many sales and would a left sign up into Orders and you will Manufacturers dining tables:

Errors whenever copy columns is actually referenced

If your individualized SQL inquire recommendations content articles, you could get mistakes when trying to utilize one of the articles on the research into the Tableau. This can happen even if the inquire is true. Eg, think about the adopting the inquire:

The inquire is valid, but the bien au_id industry is actually unclear given that in this situation they exists inside the both the “authors” table and “titleauthor” desk. Tableau often connect to the fresh new query however you will score a keen mistake whenever you attempt to utilize the bien au_id field. It is because Tableau cannot discover and therefore desk you’re referring in order to.

Note: It is a best routine so you can describe column aliases which have an As condition whenever you can within the a personalized SQL Inquire. Continue reading “Explore variables in a custom SQL inquire”